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3 Different Types Of Golf Balls You Should Know About

Golf is a beautiful sport played by more than 24.8 million people in the US. Not many people know this, but golf originated in the Netherlands in the early sixteenth century. Since its invention, golf has evolved, and the modern golf game requires extreme expertise and top-of-the-line equipment.

Even if you practice golf daily, you can't improve your game if you use the wrong equipment. Using different golf balls can help you adjust to different conditions and improve your skill.

Continue reading this blog to learn more about three different golf balls you can use during your upcoming golf match.

Closeup of a golf ball on a golf course

One-Piece Balls

If you're looking to play a casual game of golf with a group of friends, using one-piece balls is an excellent option. These are available at low prices, making them the perfect ball for your casual competition. One-piece balls have minimal spin, and this is why coaches recommend them to beginners to help them control their shots efficiently. These golf balls are highly durable and tough because they are made from Surlyn, which is an ionomer resin.

Two-Piece Balls

If you want a golf ball that provides extra durability and can travel a higher distance, you should get your hands on a two-piece ball. As the name suggests, the ball is made from two materials. The ball is stuffed with rubber and covered with Surlyn, enhancing its quality. It’s a perfect ball for newbie golfers trying to improve their swing and shot control.

If you’re starting to play golf, we recommend you get Bridgestone two-piece golf balls as they have a long lifespan.

Three-Piece Balls

Are you a golf veteran looking for a golf ball with extra spin? Consider getting a three-piece ball for your golf match. Three-piece balls are the ultimate golf product for professional golf players, and it's no surprise that these golf balls are used for PGA and European tours. These have an extra layer, which gives them a softer feel and increases ball spin.

Yes, the three-piece balls are expensive, but are they worth it? Definitely!

A player holding a golf ball using a professional golf glove

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