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3 Most Basic Golf Rules You Need to Know

Did you know that the earliest written rules for golf were written in 1744? These rules were originally drafted by the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers and called "the Articles & Laws in Playing at Golf." Today, we know them as the "13 Articles," which still represent the sport.

New golfers often feel daunted by these rules, which are deemed stringent and complicated. Don't worry, because we'll help you out!

Grab your professional golf gloves and clubs. Today, we're listing the most important golf rules.

Rule #1: Clubs in Your Bag

One of the basic rules to remember is only to carry fourteen clubs at a time. Carrying more than fourteen can result in harsh penalties. According to the official rules regarding equipment, the penalty is two strokes per hole. However, the maximum penalty is four strokes. On the other hand, there are no penalties for carrying less than fourteen clubs. So, ensure you check the contents of your bag beforehand.

Rule #2: Parameters of The Tee

A round's first tee shot can be daunting even for seasoned players. That's why it's critical you remember the parameters of the tee. These are the side and front side extremes of the tee markers and two club-lengths back.

Rule #3: Procedures for Dropping

You can call your ball unplayable from inside the general area. If your ball has dropped into an unplayable position, you get multiple options to choose from.

The first option is to retreat to where you played the short first. This way, you can go back and play three off the tee. You can also drop two club lengths from the ball's position but not closer to the hole. The final option is to drop back in line with the ball and flag.

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