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3 Secrets to Perfecting Your Swing

A person practicing his swing

Every golfer possesses a unique set of skills and abilities to stay ahead in their game, but there’s one thing that takes a golfer to the next level—their swing.

Here are three tips to help you perfect your swing so that you win your next golf tournament with flying colors.

Tip # 1: Your Shoulders Shouldn’t be Leveled. They Should Be Tilting from the Top

Common mistake: People turn their shoulders in leveled position as they’re looking behind themselves. 

Correction: Tilt your left shoulder towards the ground.

If you want to hit a long shot, you must turn when you swing the club. It doesn’t only refer to turning your shoulder all the way but being cognizant of how they turn. Some golfers make a turn as if they’re looking behind their backs. That’s a common mistake. To swing like a pro golfer, you must tilt your shoulder down as you turn. If you’re right-handed, your left shoulder should tilt towards the ground as you play a backswing.

Tip # 2: Shift Your Hips Towards Your Target

Common mistake: When people perform an initial sway, they shift their body weight away from the target.

Correction: You must shift your hip in line with your target. While your tailbone should move closer to the target, your head shouldn’t. 

You must shift a little amount of pressure on your back foot for the best swaying posture and perfect swing. Usually, when players swing a shot, they extend their body away from the golf ball. To avoid that, you must use your tailbone as a reference point.
While your tailbone should be near to the target, your head should stay in between the target and your back foot.

A person practicing his swing

Tip # 3: Diagonally Turn Your Hip Towards the Line of Target.

Common mistake: Most golfers stall their hip turn with a downswing and then correct it with their arms.

Correction: For an impactful swing, turn your hip twice as much in line with the target.

This is one of the ubiquitous mistakes that a golfer makes. They slice the ball as they hit across it. Their focus is on their upper body and not their lower body, especially the hips.

A professional golfer will turn their hip towards the line of target. This diagonal hip turn will look like a twist. To master this, you should use your belt’s buckle as a point of reference. It should face the target and not your ball. After you swing, your knees will be in the direction of the target too. 

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