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3 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Golf Glove

Man picking ball with a golf glove.

A pair of suitable gloves can be a godsend for an avid golfer. So much so that you might use them until they’re hanging on their last strand. However, doing so isn’t the smartest move since it could heavily impact the quality of your game.

It might be challenging to let go of your trusty glove, but sometimes when it’s nearing the end, your golf glove will give you some warning signs of its inevitable demise. Here are some red flags you should be on the lookout for!

It’s Dirty

Using a golf glove for a long time is bound to get it dirty. The grime, dirt, and sweat from your hands will eventually begin to show up on the glove, and what was once pristine white may soon show a tinge of brown or yellow!

While there are multiple ways to get your golf gloves clean, there comes a point where it’s not in need of a scrubbing, but a replacement instead! Unless you’re very particular, a slightly discolored golf glove is no reason to be concerned. However, it’s also an indication of how rigorously it's been used. If it looks extremely worn out, it might be time to get a new one!

It’s hardened

Worn out golf glove.

A sign of an overused golf glove is just how hard or ‘crispy’ it has gotten. Yes, it may sound gross, but wearing it is all the more troubling!

Your hand’s sweat and moisture can get soaked up in your glove and cause it to harden. Eventually, the softness of your glove will be long gone, and you’ll be left with a stiff and hard-to-wear glove that will further cause troubles during your golf match!

It Doesn’t Fit

Leather gloves have the tendency to shrink in extreme weather conditions. This could cause discomfort for your hand when you put it on. The shrinkage could also be due to excessive moisture, which tightens the glove and makes it a less than ideal fit.

When you feel yourself struggling to shove your hand into your glove, it might be time to buy a new pair. In fact, if you’re an avid golfer, it’s a good idea to keep a second pair of gloves in your kit just in case the first one starts to give you any trouble!

Alongside these factors, a typical, good-quality golf glove will last you six to ten rounds before you need to get it replaced. Of course, a lot of it also depends on how well you take care of it. A good rule of thumb is to keep your golf club away from any moisture. That means no grabbing water or using it during a rainy day. You should also fold your golf clubs neatly and store them away to ensure they don’t dry up in an odd position.

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