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4 Tips on Choosing Your Golf Glove

Zoomed-in view of a golf glove on a golfers hand

Golf gloves provide the perfect grip, stability, and control on a golf club when you’re playing a shot. Therefore, golf players need right-sized gloves that suit their playing style. Here are four tips for golf lovers to help them choose the perfect golf glove for themselves.


You need to look into the material that suits you the most before buying your golf gloves. You can choose between leather or synthetic gloves. Despite being a bit more expensive than synthetic material, leather gloves are preferred by many top golfers for their superior durability and comfortable feel. On the other hand, synthetic gloves are the top choice for many golfers as they offer a much better wet-weather grip. This is why we usually see experienced golfers carrying both synthetic and leather gloves in their golf kit.


The fitting of your golf gloves is a critical factor. An ideal golf glove should fit your hand snugly. Golf gloves are available in a variety of sizes for both genders. They are also available for people with wider hands. This variation in the width of a golf glove is referred to as the “cadet” of the glove. A perfectly fitting golf glove should stretch in a manner that leaves a thin covering over your fingertips. Thick or too much material covering your fingertips indicates a bigger size than you require. While looking for a perfect fit, make sure that the glove remains smooth over your palm and at the back of your hand when you are wearing it.

Wear it Correctly

A golf glove and a golf ball on the grass

It is important to wear a golf glove properly while playing golf. Start with putting all your fingers in first, leaving the thumb behind. Once the glove fits your fingers, gently insert your thumb. Smoothen the front and back of your glove by tagging the top.

Understand Your Needs

Golf gloves come in several designs and styles. These styles serve a greater purpose than just enhancing the aesthetic value. Understand the functionality in the design of the golf gloves.  Half gloves give you a better feel while taking a shot, whereas gloves with detachable disks allow you to mark the ball you’re using on the course.

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