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4 Ways to Customize Your Golfing Accessories

Golf ball lost in the grass.

Golf is a great sport! However, unlike football and basketball, it’s quite difficult to add easy-to-customize elements. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! There are plenty of ways for you to add your personal touches to your golf kit and make the game your own.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or just want something that can easily be spotted as yours, here are some tips to help you customize your golf sessions to your liking!

Polo Shirts

One of the easiest ways to add a custom touch to your golfing team is to wear customized polo shirts. You can get an emblem, a house color, or even your team number embroidered on the form-fitting shirt.

Polo shirts are also great since most golf clubs will not let you wear a t-shirt. The proper attire is often a collared shirt. However, if that’s not your style, you can get away with a polo shirt. It’s just like a t-shirt, but with a collar! And when you add your custom designs to it, it’ll not only be comfortable but a great indicator of your team and love for golf!


Wearing a visor on your golf session is incredibly common. It shields your head from the sun and doesn’t let you sweat out in your scalp, which can cause issues like hair fall and dandruff.

A visor, just like any other article of clothing, is easy to customize. You also won’t be breaking any dress codes! It’s a simple enough solution, and once again, you can put your custom emblem, color, or design on your visor to represent your team. It’s also low maintenance to wear and won’t cost you a lot to make!

Golf Grips

Golf kit

So, you want to add a custom touch to your golf kit. Instead of shilling for custom golf clubs that can cost upward of thousands of dollars, you can add a personalized touch through a much cheaper alternative; golf grips!

There are multiple colored options available for golf grips that you can use. These colorful grips on your golf club will help set them apart from the rest and also give you the pop of color you want without breaking the bank. Plus, since you often need to change out your golf grips due to regular wear and tear, it would be even easier to play around with new color choices!

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