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5 Best Golf Courses in the World

Golf originated in Spain and has been played ever since the 15th century. Since then, many great golf courses have made it to the list of the World Top 100. From the wide range of golf courses in the US to the grand venues of the British Isles, there are some unique masterpieces of golf courses situated around the globe.

Although no science is associated with giving a golf course its rank, it does depend on many factors like richness, popularity, and pedigree.

With the right architect and land, new golf courses appear in the ranking list from time to time. Nevertheless, five layouts have been on the list ever since golf courses started being ranked. Let’s explore them.

1. St. Andrews (Old Course)

Situated in Scotland, the Old Course has been in existence since the 1400s. It is also known as The Grand Old Lady, given how it has hosted multiple Golf Championships throughout the years.  Its brilliant layout offers blind spots, cavernous bunkers, and a massive area of rolling greens.

2. Augusta National Golf Club

Located in Georgia, Augusta National is an aesthetic standpoint in the golf venue. It is perhaps the only golf course that hosts a tournament known as the Masters every year. Throughout the history of this golf course, several writers have taken the liberty to write volumes about this masterpiece. Augusta National is a strong golf course with a distinguished track.

3. Royal Melbourne

Royal Melbourne golf course

Royal Melbourne is Australia’s oldest existing golf course, hosting a series of the Australian Amateur Championships. Golfers who play at this course love how the ground offers them unique approach shots.   

4. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is a golf course located in California and is known as the finest one in the Monterey Peninsula. What makes Pebble Beach different from other golf courses is that it is a natural tour stop with nine holes running alongside the Pacific Ocean. Given its familiarity and marriage of location, Pebble Beach is ranked as one of the best golf courses in the world.

5. Muirfield   

It was only fair that another one of Scotland’s golf courses made the list considering how the sport was first introduced there.  Muirfield is filled with pedigree. It has held up a high reputation over the years and is regarded as one of the finest locations for golf in Open Rota. Furthermore, this golf course is also renowned for hosting the Open Championship 16 times. On the other hand, if we compare Muirfield to the Royal Melbourne, the latter holds much more significance due to its better visual variety. 


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