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A Beginner's Guide to Golf

Do you want to take up golf? Then you should be prepared for a lifetime relationship with a sport rich in history. With the national golf month right around the corner, it's high time you invest yourself in the sport.

Though we understand as a new golfer, you want to get through the first few steps without many slip-ups and blunders. Aspiring golfers often feel daunted by the sport, but don't worry. We aim to help you out!

Prepare your golf grips because this blog will be your ultimate beginner's guide to golf.

What You Need to Know About Golf Clubs

We can't stress the importance of having the right equipment when it comes to golf. A lot of aspiring players can find the plethora of options daunting. They often end up spending too much on them.

Remember that you only need two clubs when you're just starting out. The first club you need is a putter and the other to hit full shots. Add a sand wedge if you think it's necessary. You don't even have to spend a lot on them, or you can borrow them from someone else.

Take Lessons

One of the best things about just starting golf is that you don't have experience. Now, why is that a good thing? That's because you don't have any ingrained bad habits that can impede your growth. So, instead of relying on your golfing buddies' tips, get help from a professional.

Learn Short Shots

When you're starting, most of your shots end up within 50 yards of the green. This means you should spend more time practicing with your putter and wedges. Before you roll your eyes, remember that you can practice the game from anywhere. Yes, even your backyard!

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