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Basic Game Rules Every Golfer Should Know

Golf balls
Golf is a game with strict rules, and not following can land you in some good trouble. Thus, it's incredibly important for every golfer to know the basic rules of golf. This will keep them out of trouble and give them the confidence required to ace the game.

So, here's a list of rules that every golfer should know. 

Extra clubs

It's important to remember that you can't carry more than 14 clubs, or you'll face penalties for taking an extra putter or wedge. The severity of the penalty ranges from two to a maximum of four strokes per hole.

Teeing area

You can stand anywhere on the tee if your golf ball is within that area.

Search time

You no longer have 5 minutes to fetch the ball–it's been reduced to three since 2019. The three minutes begins as soon as you or your caddie sets off to fetch the golf ball. Since going back and forth is seriously tiring, it's better to have someone fetch it for you.

A golfer waiting for his ball


Dropping procedure

There will be instances when you'll come across an unplayable field. If you do, then you can declare a drop from anywhere on the golf course. First, you can go back to where you were originally playing from.

Second, you can drop two club-lengths from where the ball is, away from the hole. Third, you can go as far back as you like with the golf ball and flag. Just make sure you're not dropping anywhere close to the hole.

Don't move the ball

You can't move the ball around and need to play it as it lies, even if you've come across a divot or a bare lie.

Obstructions and impediments

If a drainage cover stops your ball, you can go for a free drop. You can even move or remove all these loose impediments–such as drainage covers, tree branches, and twigs. But the ball shouldn't be moved in any circumstances.

Lost ball

In case of a lost ball, you can first play a provisional because you can't just play with another one. That's why you must declare it provisional so that other golfers know you're playing this ball.

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