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Changes in Golf Rules to Know About

golf ball near the hole

The rules of every sport are revisited every few years. Golf is no different; in 2019, a whole list of new rules and changes were added to the sport. Many players still aren’t aware of these new rules.

Let's discuss some of them.

Ball moved during the search

Previously, there was a penalty if the player accidentally moved the ball while searching for it. However, according to the 2019 change in rules, the player will no longer be penalized for this mistake. They can simply replace the ball. If they don’t know the exact spot, they can estimate the area and place the ball down. This rule change came about since golfers have to probe through grass, leaves, bushes, etc., because the risk of moving the ball when looking for it is very high.

golf practiceNew technique for dropping a ball

Players drop the ball when taking relief; however, the technique to dropping the ball has changed as of 2019. The process is now simpler, and all you have to do is drop the ball from knee height, so it falls down without touching any part of the player’s body or equipment. Depending on whether you’re on the incline of a small hill or not, the ball can roll a bit. Once it has stopped moving, you can take a shot.

Reduced search time before the ball is lost

The time allotted to look for a ball has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. Limiting the search time allows the game to be played in a prompt way, without causing delays. This does increase the chances of more lost balls, though.

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