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Competing in Golf Tournaments: What You Need to Know

Tournaments are a lot more than just revenue drivers at golf courses. In fact, they’re also essential in helping players take their golf game to the next level.  

The idea of competitive golf can be daunting for many golfers. After all, we’ve mostly seen competitive golf in top-ranking professional games. However, in reality, competitive golf is beneficial for all players. Not only does it help boost your performance, but it also helps elevates your golfing experience.  

So, get your professional golf gloves ready! Here’s your complete guide to competing in golf tournaments.

How Do Starting Formats work?

First, you must know the ins and outs of golf tournaments as it helps you understand what you’re dealing with beforehand.

When it comes to starting formats, they can vary from casual play. In standard format, you’ll be given a number and have to wait during the predetermined intervals for your turn. Comparatively, in shotgun format, players start at every hole at the same time. A combination of both is a crossover starting format perfect for mid-sized tournaments.

Is The Scoring System Similar?

The scoring system is similar to the basic premise where the fewest number of shots determines a better score. However, there are other types of score systems as well. For example, match play is a scoring system that enables teams to earn a point if they beat their competitors in each hole.

How Long Are the Tournaments?

The length of a tournament is crucial no matter what tournament you want to participate in. This usually depends on some key factors, such as the number of players and rounds.

Your usual pro-PGA tournaments consist of 4rounds; meanwhile, amateur tournaments are 2 hours long. Ideally, one-round tournaments would last only four hours.

How To Prepare for The Tournament?

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for a golf tournament.

  1. Understand the course
  2. Practice

Study the course even if you’ve never seen it before to gain an edge against your competitors. Get a map of the course to find out critical things like bunker placements and the size of fairways.

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Don’t forget to practice a few rounds after you’re done studying the course. Nearly all golf courses allow you to indulge in casual play so that you can practice for a few days.

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