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Everything You Need To Know About Golf History

Although over twenty-four million individuals in the US play golf, only true golf lovers know its history.

You might think learning the history of golf might be boring, but that doesn't need to be the case. With multiple rules and equipment changes over the years, the game has evolved since its inception in the sixteenth century.

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A  golf player mkaing a golf shot in the sand

16th-18th Century: The Birth Of Golf

Golf was first played in the early sixteenth century in a Scottish kingdom named Fife; people used to play the sport with pebbles, sticks, and rabbit holes. The game gradually evolved, and wooden golf clubs were invented in the 1750s. The kings in Scotland hired professionals to make a tailor-made club for them.

It wasn't until the 1770s that golf came to America. Golf wasn't popular in the country, but historical magazines like the Royal Gazette tried their best to promote it by publishing frequent articles about this refreshing sport.

19th-20th Century: The Development Stage of Golf

During the 19th and twentieth centuries, there was massive growth in the popularity of golf. Golf experts like Dr. Robert Adams Paterson invented a rubber golf ball to improve the overall game. Not only men but women also found the sport interesting, and many women's golf clubs were established to promote the sport and help women improve their golf game.

In 1895, the first US Golf Open was initiated on a thirty-six-golf course, and in 1929 the first PGA golf tour was held. These tournaments were an excellent way to attract golfers from all over the world.

Did you know that golfers used to build sand mounts to hold the golf ball in place before they played their shots? This is because the golf tee wasn't invented until the end of the nineteenth century. Dr. George Grant is the genius who came up with the idea of a golf tee and changed the ball setting before a shot.

21st Century: The Modern Era of Golf

Golf has become a popular sport as global brands have started invested money in it. From Nike to Bridgestone, many sports retail brands have started to make their own golf accessories. Golf is televised frequently to attract more viewers, and golf simulators are invented so that golf lovers can play the sport in their homes.

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