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Everything You Need to Know About the Different Types of Golf Clubs

 a golf ball with a golf club

Are you just starting your golf journey? Congrats! Golf is a complex sport with a rich history and lots of customs. Though the sport is known for being complex, it can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

However, most amateur golfers often become overwhelmed with the different techniques and mechanics of the game. This is especially true when it comes to equipment, such as golf clubs. There are various types of clubs in the game that are used for different shots.

Get your professional golf gloves ready because today, we're discussing what you need to know about these different types of golf clubs.  

Category #1: The Woods

This category includes your driver and the fairway woods. These types of golf clubs are still called “woods” even though the clubheads aren’t manufactured from wood anymore. Instead, most of them are now made out of titanium or steel.

You can recognize them as the clubs that have the largest clubheads. The clubheads are usually hollow and extend a few inches with lines. These clubs also have long shafts, making them a lightweight choice.

Woods are used in a golf game for the longest shots as players can swing them easily.

Category #2: The Irons

Your iron category comes in numbered sets that range from 3-iron through 9-iron, including a pitching wedge. The varying numbers can impact your shots differently and are used for different shots.

Compared to the woods, they have much smaller clubheads and are thinner. These clubs are also more likely to have solid clubheads instead of hollow ones. They have angled faces (lofts) that are great for gripping the golf ball.

Irons are typically used for shots that are less than 200 yards away.

Category #3: The Hybrids

This category is the newest addition of golf clubs that became mainstream only a couple of decades ago. As the name suggests, they are a cross between woods and iron clubs. These clubs enable players to get the best of both worlds. They have top features of both categories without the negative parts.

Hybrids are considered iron-replacement clubs— the clubs are numbered like irons, with the numbers corresponding to the irons they replace. If you’re just a beginner, we recommend that you replace your irons with hybrids as they’re the best option for beginners.

Category #4: The Putter

This category consists of the most specialized types of golf clubs that come in various shapes and sizes. However, despite their variety, their function remains the same. The clubs are responsible for knocking the ball into the hole when the game is at its end. Golfers use this club on the putting greens during the last strokes played on a hole. 

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