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Golf Glove Buying Guide

A golfer wearing a glove

While some golfers believe that golf gloves are a non-essential accessory, others rely on them heavily, particularly during hot, humid, wet, and cold weather. Since your hands are the only parts that touch the club, it’s important to optimize your grip as much as possible.

Here’s an informative golf glove buying guide to help you out:

Getting the right size for your hands

Every person’s hands differ in size in some way or the other, so finding a golf glove that fits perfectly can take a few tries. Around half the golfers wear a glove that’s too large for them, affecting their technique. A golf glove should be like a second skin so you can get the best grip possible.

When putting on the glove, make sure you focus on getting the fingers to fit well and then move to the thumb and fasten it at the wrist. The Velcro fastener should come three-quarters of the way across. This is a good way to measure whether or not a glove fits you well.

FAQS about golf gloves

On which hand should I wear the glove?

If you’re planning on only wearing one glove, you’re probably wondering which hand to wear it on. Well, for right-handed golfers, the glove should be on the left hand, and left-handed golfers should wear it on their right hand. This is because the opposite hand has the most contact with the club, while the dominant hand rests mainly on the hand with the glove.

A female golfer wearing a glove

Why do professional golfers take off their gloves when putting?

If you watch golf on television, you’ve probably noticed that players take off their glove to putt. The gloves are an added layer on your hand, reducing the sensation and feel of the club in your hand. Putting is all about the feel, and so it’s crucial to be able to feel every movement.

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