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Golf Legends You Should Know About

To the layman, golf might seem like a yawn-inducing game. However, real enthusiasts know that golf is one of the greatest sports with a deep history. This fantastic sport has been around for hundreds of years and dates back to the 15th century in Scotland.

Throughout these centuries, numerous champions have mastered the sport. Their incredible achievements have now earned them the title of legends.   

Get your golf club and professional golf gloves ready because today, we’re listing some of these greatest legends.

#1: Jack Nicklaus

Nicknamed "The Golden Bear,” Jack Nicklaus is known as the best golfer. His grand record of 18 majors still stands hands and shoulders above other golfers' records. During his career, he also earned two US Amateurs, three Players titles, 10 Champions Tour victories,73 PGA tour victories, and 115 wins worldwide.

That’s not all; Niklaus holds the highest record of top 10 finishes with 73 times as well as in the top 5 finishes with 56 times.

#2: Tiger Woods

Whether you know him as “Mr. Hello world” or “The Banana Hook,” Woods is undoubtedly the most famous golfer in the history of the sport.

The sports star has already eclipsed most golfers, and many believe it won't be long before he takes the top spot. His massive portfolio contains countless achievements that not only popularized him but also immortalized his name in the world of golf.

During his career, he won 3 career grand slams, 15 major championships (2nd in the history of Golf), three US Amateurs, 71 PGA Tour victories, and 97 worldwide victories.

#3: Sam Snead

Nicknamed “Slammin Sammy” because of his near-perfect swing, this legend had snatched seven major victories. Sam Snead led the PGA Tour with 82 victories for the longest time. He has won 3 Masters, 3 PGA Championships, and 1 US Open victory.

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