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Golf Swing Basics: The Fundamentals You Need to Know

a player executing a perfect golf swing

Golf can be a difficult sport. Not only do golfers have to ensure a consistent swing technique, but they also need to make accurate calculations for optimal distance control. It is why aspiring golfers often feel frustrated when trying to improve their swing mechanics.

There’s a lot of information out there on improving your swing. However, there are only four basic things that you need to prioritize to optimize your swing: grip, posture, stance, and impact position.

That’s why today we’re discussing swing basics that all beginners need to know. So, get your professional golf gloves, and let's get started.

Swing Basics #1: The Grip

Your grip is the only connection you have with your club—which is why it plays an important role in controlling your clubface.

There is no definite way to grip your golf club. Instead, the golf grip is treated as more of a tool than a fundamental element. There are various methods and preferences when it comes to grips that can be adjusted based on strength, size of hands, comfort level, etc.

We recommend that you start by using a neutral grip—stand in a relaxed upright position with your arms hanging naturally. Hold your arm and the club in front of you, and secure your right hand on the grip. Ensure you hold the club by your fingers and not your palm.

Swing Basics #2: The Posture

One of the biggest mistakes most aspiring golfers make is forgetting about posture when it's critical to execute the perfect swing.

Golf pros often focus on their posture as it can trigger a variety of negative knock-on issues in the swing. Bad posture can also be a power leak and affect your spine’s rotation. This makes it difficult to turn perfectly.

Ensure your posture isn’t sloppy when you swing by bending from the knees and not your back.

Swing Basics #3

Once you have a good posture, it’s time to pay attention to your stance. You can do this by keeping the club in front of you when you swing with your left foot staggered behind your right. Set your clubface behind the ball and ensure your right foot is in place while you move with your left foot. Don't forget to keep your feet in line.

Swing Basics #4: Impact Position

Your impact position can make or break your swing. Ensure your swing is perfect by making an abbreviated backswing. Your club shaft has to create a 90-degree angle with your arm while your left arm stays parallel to the ground. At this position, swing and halt post-impact with your arms pointing at the target.

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