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Golfing Terms and Jargon: The Ultimate Guide

A golf ball near a hole

Like every other field and sport, golf has its own jargon essential for every pro-golfer to know. That doesn't mean you won't need your clubs and gloves. Knowing these key phrases will give you the confidence you need to kill it on the golf course.

So, brush up on your golfing knowledge and learn some of the key terminologies of the game here.Ā 


Par represents the number of slots a hole is assigned. For instance, if you get a par on a par four hole, you have four strokes to complete the hole.

Each hole has a par number, ranging from par-3 to par-5. Par-3 is usually for a beginner who will drive off the tee, chip into the green, and take a strike to put theĀ golfĀ ball into the hole.

The pars are arranged from shortest to the longest holes. Par-3 has the shortest, par-4 has medium length, and par-5 has the longestĀ golf course.


Taking another stroke after completing a hole with a par is called a bogey. Let's say you take another stroke over a par-4. That means you're taking an additional stroke that will show up on your scorecard.


A birdie is the cut down in the assigned number of strokes after a bogey. It's to level up with your assigned par. In other words, after a bogey (going over the par), you'll take three strokes for a par-4 to complete the hole.

A man after playing a shot on a golf course


An eagle is a better shot compared to a birdie. If you're assigned a par-4 but managed to complete the hole in two shots, you've made an eagle.


Standing on your first tee and suddenly nerves hit you. You strike the ball, and it goes across twenty feet. You've just hit a mulligan. It's usually something amateurĀ golfers tend to do.


Because pro golfers mostly use this term, chances are you may not know it. An albatross means a score of three fewer strokes than par. You can either hit a hole in one go out of four given strokes or get the ball into the hole on the second shot on a par-5.


This is a golfing term you need to know. Golfers use it to warn someone about the approaching ball. The timely shout by the golfer can prevent bystanders and other players from getting hurt, and using it is part of golf etiquette.

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