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Here’s How to Regrip Your Clubs the Right Way

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Your golf club’s grip is the only point of contact between you and your club. This makes the golf grip an extremely important part of your swing. Most players struggle with their performance due to overly worn or loose grips around their golf club.

It’s not enough to apply grips on your golf club once. They need to be regularly inspected and changed if there are any signs of wear and tear. Here are some steps to take to ensure you’ve successfully regripped your clubs.

Choosing the Right Golf Grip

Before you start to regrip your golf club, it’s essential to be confident that the golf grip you’ve chosen is the ideal fit for you. Here are some factors that can help you reach a decision.

  • Size

Based on the size of your hand, you can choose from a large variety of grips, including oversized, midsize, and standard. While gripping the club, your fingertips should be touching the base of your thumb. If you find your fingers digging into your thumb, the grip is too small. If you’re struggling to touch your thumb, the grip is too big. Poorly sized grips can encourage a pull or slice when you swing. Find one that lets you hold your club comfortably.

  • Firmness

High swing speeds are not ideal while golfing. They lead to more torsion control. The firmer your grip, the more stable your swings. That’s why finding the right grip is essential. The only instance a soft grip would be ideal is if you’re someone with slower swing speeds or less hand strength. The softer grip encourages more speed.

How to Regrip

Golf club on grass

Once you’ve determined the correct grip for your golf club, it’s time to remove the older grips from your golf club and get to work. Regripping your golf clubs is a simple and straightforward process that just needs your patience and focus!

Step 1:

Using a hook blade, remove all your old grip from your golf club. A hook blade works better than a utility knife since there’s less chance of you damaging your shafts.

Step 2:

Once you’ve removed the grip, it’s time to remove all the old tape. Use your utility knife and slice across the old tape until it’s completely gone.

Step 3:

Once it’s removed, it’s time to apply the new tape at the end of the shaft. Make sure not to apply the tape below the bottom of the grip.

Step 4:

Once your tape is applied, it’s time to regrip your clubs. If you’re not going to a professional, it’s ideal to use a grip kit with all the material you need to regrip your clubs.

Following the instructions, you need to apply a grip solvent to the inside of your grip. Once applied, make sure to cover the bottom opening and shake it back and forth to coat the solvent evenly. Pour the excess solvent from the inside of the grip to the tape on the shaft. Lastly, make sure to apply the grip quickly and with force. Once it’s applied, wipe off the excess grip compound, and let it dry for half a day, you’re good to go!

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