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How Can Oversized Golf Club Wraps and Grips Improve Your Overall Game?

Golf club grips and wraps are becoming increasingly popular. These grips were used by older people or people dealing with arthritis in the past. However, things have changed quite a bit today. Many pro golfers think that there are some significant benefits of switching to oversized club wraps and grips. You can test these benefits yourself on the golf course. However, here is a blog for you to learn about these benefits.

Grip Pressure

It’s easy to tightly grab a small golf grip compared to an oversized one. A tight grip helps golfers feel better control over their shots and the golf club. However, this also adds increased grip pressure.  

Unfortunately, the likelihood of poor shots and misses increases due to the undue increase in the grip pressure. Too much tight grip pressure also limits your mobility during a swing. Having oversized golf wraps and grips prevents any of this from affecting your game.

Wrist Action

a man playing golf with a club having an extended grip

An oversized golf grip helps players with too much wrist action to reduce their wrist action during a swing. Extended grips help in reducing the friction between your hands and club, which allows players to make more stable swings.

Helps Ball Trajectory

Golfers with large hands are the ones that benefit the most from oversized grips. These grips allow golfers with long hands to have a more extended handle on the club, which keeps them from gripping the club too tight. Having more control and confidence over the golf club allows golfers to compress it better.

Pain Relief and Comfort

People with arthritis or other gripping problems can also benefit from oversized grips. Oversized grips allow these people to grip the golf club properly while bending their fingers less than before. Adult and senior golfers usually use custom made mid-sized or oversized golf grips as these grips help them increase their performance in every variety of shots.

Oversized golf grips are relaxed, comfortable, and highly functional. However, poor quality wraps and grips can damage the color and integrity of your club. Many low-quality golf clubs are available in the market, which is a little less expensive but is neither functional nor durable. A quality golf grip not only improves your game but also protects your grips. Always take premium quality grips for a unique golfing experience.   

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