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How to Dominate Your Competition in a Golf Match Play

A golf club and a golf ball on the course

It isn’t easy to achieve victory in a golf tournament. It takes smart strategy, excellent shot making, and inner steel. Here are tips that will help you dominate your competition in a golf match play and win at a greater rate.

A 75 to win is Better than a 67 to Lose

Keep in mind that you don’t try to look pretty in a golf match play. You play to win. This means grinding out bogeys and pars that keep you in the match is much more important than trying to ace every shot that you hit. Holing out a professedly impossible shot may make a round unforgettable, but not as unforgettable as having a trophy with your name.

Be certain when you are in trouble

You should always go for a recovery shot that you can visualize before hitting. At times it can be a punch-out into the fairway, and other times it’s a legendary iron pacing through a small gap between two trees. The point to take from this is that if you believe that you can pull off a shot, it is likely that you will pull it off beautifully. 

Eliminate Doubt

A man in a blue shirt after taking a hit in a golf game

If you have to choose between your clubs, go confidently with your first choice. If you are unsure about a break in a putt, just pick the best according to your knowledge, and commit to it. And be certain that you can pull off an audacious shot before you swing. This may make you lose a hole or two at times but you will go down confidently.

Make Your Opponent Think On the Green

Like poker, it is of great importance to read the demeanor of your opponent in a golf match play. You would want your opponent to putt-out once they start looking nervous. Along with this, make your opponent second guess their ability to putt holes and green reads.

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