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How to Take Part in Golf Tournaments

Are you ready to take your love of golf to the next level? Grab your professional golf gloves— it’s time to compete in a golf tournament!

We understand the idea of competitive golf tournaments can be daunting for most players. However, competitive golf isn't just for pro players! Anyone can take part in golf tournaments.

Here’s how you too can take part in golf tournaments.

Establish a Golf Handicap

Before anything else, you need to establish a handicap to be allowed to compete.

Golf handicaps are established to enable golfers with varying skills to compete against each other at an equal level. All amateur tournaments require participants to provide their current handicap during the registration process.

This enables the proper placement of each player in their respective flight. As a result, everyone gets a fair shot at the game.

In order to establish a handicap, you must first join an approved golf association that offers USGA handicap services.

Find Local Tournaments

When it comes to competitive golf, finding tournaments isn't as hard as you might think. No matter where you play, you're likely to find chances to compete in tournaments. You can even find opportunities to play on a national level. However, the best place to start is your local golf course.

The first thing you should do is find out if your local course has men's or women's golf associations. If so, are there any open leagues you can take part in?

Understand The Tournament

You should know how different tournaments work to play competitive golf. Different tournaments use varying formats that you need to know. Most amateur tournaments are flighted on handicaps.

But how does that work? Golfers are flighted depending on their score. For example, flight A might score between 75 to 80, while flight C is reserved for those who shoot 90 or higher.

You can also participate in match-play events as well as scramble tournaments.

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