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Improving Your Stance: A Beginner’s Guide

A person with a good golf stance

If you want to hit a good shot, you must improve your stance. A correct stance can result in a reasonable shot, regardless of the quality of your swing. When you improve your stance, you can experience an elevated golfing experience because your stance gives you the power to control your shot’s direction.

Here are 5 tips to enhance your stance.

1.    Maintain an Adequate Width Between Your Legs

Your legs are foundational to your golfing stance. Make sure that your knees are flexed, and your legs are shoulder-width apart.

This stance is perfect for using a middle iron. If you’re using longer golf clubs like woods or drivers, you must widen your stance. For wedges or short irons, you must reduce the width of your stance by a few inches. For pitching and chipping shots, you don’t need to have a wide stance.

2.    Focus on Your Feet and Toes 

Your golf stance may fall short if your toes aren’t pointed in the correct direction.

Therefore, you mustn’t point them at an angle. Your front foot should be at a slight angle towards your target, and your back foot should be at a 90-degree angle of the target. This foot placement will ensure better rotation speed and flexibility. 

3.    Maintain Your Balance

For a perfect stance, you must divide your weight between your heels and toes evenly. You’ll have to slightly shift your balance to drive more power for your shots.

If you’re using shorter clubs, you must put more weight on the foot that faces the target—left foot for right-handed people. You should divide your weight equally when using middle irons. For longer clubs, put more weight on the back foot—right foot for right-handed people. 

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4.    Posture is Important

Your knees, the center of your spine, and your feet should be in a line on top of each other. To further enhance your posture, you must turn your beck knee in to point at your target. You must use your hips to bend and not your waist.

The best way to ensure it is that you’ll feel your buttocks are sticking out. A straight spine will result in longer drives, and turning your shoulders with backswings will ensure power.

5.    Ball Placement is Important

Your arms should hang down, away from your body, in a comfortable position, and shouldn’t be forced out to reach the ball. You shouldn’t be too close or too far from the ball. The placement of the ball also depends on the type of club you use.

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