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Interesting Golf Rules You Didn’t Know

Did you know 2.5 million kids in the US started playing golf in 2019? This indicates a bright future of golf in the country. However, many kids don’t continue to play golf professionally. Why is that? We’re glad you asked!

A lack of awareness of golf rules could be one reason. If you think golf is just about putting the golf ball in the hole, you're mistaken. Golf is a historical sport that was introduced in the sixteenth century, and since the sport's inception, its rules have evolved massively.

Let’s find out three fascinating golf rules every newbie should know about.

Closeup of a golf ball in water

Ball In Water Rule

If you're playing golf on a rainy day, the golf ball might fall into a puddle. Once the ball is in the water, it might move and improve your ball position. As per the golf rules, this is an unfair advantage. The rules state that you need to play your shot as soon as possible to ensure your ball doesn't change its position and gives you an extra advantage.

Bottom line: Hit the ball in the water as soon as you can to avoid a penalty.

The Air Rule

Golf is an outdoor sport played on open golf courses, and some golf fields are windy. You'll be surprised to know that according to official golf rules, if your golf ball is moved by natural air, you can play the shot from the new position.

However, if the ball is moved using artificial air (a giant fan), you must replace the golf ball and play the shot from the original position. The air rule is a stark reminder to every golf player that the air is your friend on the golf course, but a fan isn’t.

Bottom line: Even if you’re playing golf on a hot, sunny day, don’t bring a big fan with you on the course.

The Cactus Rule

You must have played on a desert-based golf course with cactus plants if you're a frequent golfer. Have you ever imagined how you'll play your shot if your ball stops near a cactus? According to the rules, you're allowed to wrap your arm with a towel to protect it from the sharp cactus branches. However, as bizarre as it may sound, you aren't allowed to cover the cactus with a towel.

Bottom line: Don’t cover the cactus and let it enjoy the golf match!

Closeup of multiple cactus plants

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