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Is Golf Hard to Play? Here’s What You Should Know

a person setting the ball on the tee

Though golf might seem easy at first, it’s actually quite a difficult sport to play. In fact, both seasoned and amateur golfers will agree that playing it is no walk in the park.

If you’ve just started playing the sport, you might find that playing golf can be stressful. The game can be complex to understand, and you have to be familiar with various clubs and swing styles. Additionally, players are required to be consistent and practice a great deal to hone their skills.

So, let's take a look at why golf is so difficult.

Playing Golf Requires a Lot of Skills

Few other sports require a great variety of skills as golf does. Though it might seem like you only need to hit the ball from the tee box into the hole, it can be demanding. Players have to be flexible and rotate various parts of their bodies to nail the perfect swing in the first go. It is a full-bodied movement that requires golfers to build up the torque to hit the ball and stay balanced throughout it.

They also need a certain level of power to drive the ball. However, players should also have incredible muscle control to stay consistent with every move. Core strength is also essential to prevent injury.

Golf Swings Are Difficult

Effectively executing the different components of a swing can be physically and mentally demanding. Even the pre-shot routine can be difficult, something most amateur players don't realize. Before each shot, golfers must assess the line of the ball, analyze the weather, pick a club and a target, determine obstacles, etc.

Players must also have a consistent stance to make an accurate shot, which can be difficult to achieve. The swing should also be executed perfectly because one wrong move can turn a good swing into a bad one in a split second. However, the hardest part of the swing is the impact. You have to strike the ball perfectly in the middle of the clubface to prevent slice shots.

Each Shot Can Be Different

Various factors can influence a single shot. These include:

1. Differences In Players

The same shot can be worlds apart for two players depending on their wrist-to-ground length, height, etc.

2. Differences in Clubs

Golf entails a variety of clubs with differing lengths and materials that affect the same shot in various ways.

3. Weather Changes

Even the slightest changes in wind direction can significantly affect the golf ball as well as your grip.

a person playing a sport

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