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Perfecting Your Golf Swing

A person practicing on the weekend

Golf is a great game for those looking to do something new on the weekends, business networking, and for those who want to go pro. For all golfers alike, it's important to continuously work on your swing and perfect it. Using the wrong technique can lead to painful injuries and put a strain on your muscles and ligaments.

Here are some steps to perfecting your golf swing:

Work on finding a comfortable grip

Golf clubs on their own often don’t provide the sufficient grip needed for a massive swing. To improve your grip, you can invest in golf grips that are more comfortable to the touch and even out the pressure on each hand. You can also use a golf glove to add more friction and improve your grip. Make sure the golf glove you use is breathable and keeps your hands dry in summer.

A person perfecting their swing

Try the stomping drill

If you’re unable to time your swing and rotation well, you’re more likely to slice the ball instead of hitting it with the right surface on the driver. You can fix that by practicing the stomping drill. To do this, you must begin in your setup posture and use your heels to gain energy and momentum from the ground. When you reach the backswing, your weight should be on the foot, from where you’re taking the shot, while your other heel is off the ground. When you take your swing, the energy should shift, your heel should come down, and the other one should lift.

Get plenty of practice

Now that you’ve got the technique down, it’s all about practice. Pro golfers spend hours every day, practicing and working on their swing. They work with various drivers and techniques. Constantly practicing your golf swing will also help with muscle memory.

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