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Reducing Soreness After a Long Golf Game

A golfer performing practice shots to warm up


We all know that terrible feeling of waking up to sore and stiff muscles after a long day of playing golf. We experience sore muscles when we put stress on our muscles, known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). It can start after six to eight hours after engaging in physical activity and lasting up to forty-eight hours. 

Here are some ways you can reduce muscle soreness after a long golf game. 

1.    Drink Water

Staying hydrated can help you prevent muscle soreness. It doesn’t mean that you only drink plenty of water on game day. You must keep yourself hydrated during the days that lead to the game day. Hydration will help your muscles in recovering faster and preventing stiffness. 

2.    Stretch Before You Play

Before hitting the golf course with some of your best shots, it can be immensely beneficial to perform static and dynamic stretches. Stretching will enable an efficient blood flow in your muscles and reduce the muscle recovery time after your game. Therefore, on your game day, reach the golf course a little earlier, and perform some basic stretches before your tee time. Ensure that you stretch your arms, legs, and chest.

3.    Warmup with Practice Shots

Just like stretching, warming up before you swing your club is the best way to limit any risk of potential injury, and reduce recovery time. After you’re done stretching, go to the range and practice different shots. This will loosen up your muscles and prevent you from performing shots with cold muscles.

A person stretching her muscles before a golf match

4.    Take a Bath or Shower with Cold Water

cold shower or bath is an ideal way to relax sore and stiff muscles. The regenerative properties of cold water will repair and relax your muscles after an intense day of golfing. Therefore, whether you warmed up or stretched, you must give cold showers a try. 

5.    Massage Your Muscles  

It’s equivalent to stretching, but after the game. It’s beneficial to massage the muscles and relax them before they get stiff and cause aches. You can use your hands, a foam roller, or the services of a professional masseuse to do it. 

6.    Apply Heat 

Just like cold water, heat is also great for preventing stiff and sore muscles. You can use heat pads to prevent muscles from tightening. The heat will relax the muscles, open the blood vessels, and help alleviate the pain.

7.    Perform a Recovery Exercises

Recovery workouts may sound daunting, but they consist of light exercises that ensure that your muscles cool down slowly after an intense golfing session. Performing exercises like wall press-up, knee raises, and trunk rotation can reduce muscle soreness and pain. 

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