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The Best Golf Balls for Your Weekly Golf Session

All golf balls may seem similar to beginners, but pro golfers choose golf balls based on their performance and playing characteristics. Choosing the right golf ball can allow you to have better control over the greens. Here is everything you need to know for choosing the best golf ball for your weekly sessions.

Things to know before buying a golf ball

All the reputable golf ball manufacturers follow the rules regarding the weight, size, dimple configuration and shape of the golf ball set out by USGA while manufacturing it. Novelty balls, outlawed balls, and trick balls are not allowed for league play and tournament. Make sure to choose a ball marked “confirming” by USGA.  


There are up to five layers of material in all the confirming golf balls. The performance of a golf ball is proportionate to the number of layers. Pro golfers choose balls 5-layer balls for their games. However, beginners are advised to choose balls with fewer layers as there is a high chance of losing the ball with beginners, and less-layered balls cost less.

One-Layer Balls

One-layer balls are made from a single material. These balls are usually seen on miniature golf courses and driving ranges. These balls are famous in commercial operators for their durability and low price.

Two-Layer Balls

Two layer-balls contain a rubbery material inside their plastic shells. This allows them to go further than one-layer balls.

Three-Layer Balls

Three-layer balls also have a plastic shell and a rubbery core. A thin layer of liquid or very soft rubber between the rubbery core and the plastic shell sets them apart from two-layer balls. This thin layer allows the shell and the core to act independently, resulting in greater control for the player.

Four-Layer Balls

Contain two very soft inner layers. These layers allow the rate and amount of spin to combine in several ways so that the ball can have various spin characteristics.  

Five-Layer Balls

These are the best-quality balls that have the “confirming” mark and are used by most top golf players in the world. However, many golfers can’t differentiate between three, four, and five-layer balls.

What to look for while choosing a ball

A golf ball over dry leaves

Control vs Distance

Golf balls are usually selected for distance. However, accomplished golfers choose balls that allow them to control for chipping, pitching, and putting.  


Golfers who use logoed gear and clothing may gravitate towards balls manufactured by their preferred brand. However, brand labels only add to the price of golf balls.


Golfers of all skills levels and ages find colored golf balls harder to lose and more fun to play with. However, old-school golfers and traditionalists love their golf balls white.

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