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The Ultimate Guide to Golf Club Distances

a golf club and ball

How far should you hit your golf clubs? What’s the distance for each of them?

These are some of the most common questions asked by many amateurs as well as seasoned players. However, the answer to this question is that it depends on a lot of factors. These include the speed of your swing, where you hit the ball, and the clubs you use.

Though the variables can make it hard to determine the exact distance, this ultimate guide can help you out. Grab your professional golf gloves, and let's dive in.


Defining Golf Club Distances

Golf club distance or yardage are terms that refer to the specific average distance you can hit with a club. However, this largely depends on different factors. Moreover, it can vary widely from player to player. For example, a golfer’s 3-iron distance can be someone else’s 5-iron distance.

According to Golf Digest, recreational golfers average around 150-250 yards. Unfortunately, most people compare their distance to PGA tour pros, which can be hard to achieve. Instead, it's better to know your own yardage to play at your optimum level.


Impact of The Golf Club

Players have to create lots of club head speed in order to reach a specific distance. This can be achieved using the shaft of the club. On average, club shafts measure around 48 inches. However, the longer the club's shaft is, the more natural distance you will get. Your club's loft can also be incredibly helpful in reaching the proper distance. You can get more yardage if your loft is lower with a longer shaft.


Styles of Golf Clubs

The type of club you use can differently impact your distance. This doesn’t just include your drivers. In fact, your hybrids, woods, irons, and wedges are all different styles and can affect your distance.

Each club has varying properties and can impact your club's distance. These are divided into three categories:

1. Player’s Style Clubs

These clubs are designed for players to be consistent with their yardage. However, they are for pro players who already have the skills to know where they should hit the ball.

2. Game Improvement Clubs

They have larger clubheads and can help players avoid some of the more common mistakes.

3. Player’s Distance Clubs

These clubs are for novice players. They have the distance technology of game improvement clubs, but they also provide a more traditional feel.

Your distance can depend on your swing speed, and purchasing the right gear can help you improve your game.


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