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Top 3 Types of Golf Courses Explained

Many beginners think that all golf courses are constructed the same way—but that's not the case. In fact, the design of most golf courses largely depends on its natural terrain.

Not knowing the type of golf course can put you at a great disadvantage at tournaments. That's because this knowledge will enable you to adjust your techniques and strategies according to the course.

Grab your professional golf gloves because today, we're presenting a beginners' guide to the different types of golf courses.

Type #1: Links Course

The first one on our list is one of the most famous as well as the oldest type of golf course design. This type of course originated in Scotland. The term link comes from the Old English word hlinc, which means ridge or hilly terrain.

Though many courses are considered to be links courses, they’re more inspired by the style. True links were built in Scotland, England, and Ireland. You can find the real link courses on the narrow sandy strips of the Scottish and Irish coasts. One of the defining characteristics of this course is that it must have sandy soil underneath.

In Links courses, the land is largely flat but has slopes and turns with a wavy elevation rather than a steep one. The fairways also often have a natural roll, and wind can greatly impact your game when you're playing on a Links course.

Type #2: Parkland Course

Unlike Links courses, Parkland courses are built inland and away from coasts. These manicured golf courses are popular in America and feature defined fairways, lush grass, and lots of trees. The reason they're called Parkland courses is that they look like parks.

Parkland courses are built in locations where the soil is harder, and there are a lot of trees.

Type #3: Heathland Course

Heathland courses aren’t very different from Links courses. They have similar sandy soils and aren’t as manicured. However, unlike Links courses, they’re built inland. This means that wind doesn’t play a major factor in the game as it does in Links courses.

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