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Your Golf Kit Essentials

Besides the golf clubs and the dozen balls, there are so many things that should go into your golfing kit. If you're a pro at golf, you might already know what those essentials are. However, if you're at the beginner's level and have only tried out this sport recently, allow us to fill you in on the details.

The gear in every golfer's bag varies according to their style of play. Nonetheless, there are a few items that teaching pros and professionals believe are necessary to include in your golf kit. Let's find out what some of these essentials are:

1. Professional Golf Gloves  

Gloves are indeed significant in playing golf. The better your grip on the club, the more accurate will be your shot.  Golf gloves are specifically designed to make you feel in control. They enhance your grip and provide you with a better playing experience.

2. Towels

Setting off into the golf course without a towel sure sounds like a crime! What would you do if your ball landed in the sandy groove? An absorbent towel will help you wipe away the sweat in your palms and allow you to clean your equipment. Hence, the next time you're out in the field, don't forget to grab a couple of towels!

3.  Yardage Book

Yardage books with pens

Keeping a yardage book allows you to play strategically at each hole. These books contain information about the green complexes, hazards, and distances for every hole in the course. Compared to the average scoreboard, a yardage book differs as it provides a little more information in the game.

4.  Sunscreen

Spending hours on the golf course ultimately means you're exposed to the sun for a major part of the day. In that case, keeping sunscreen with you and applying it after every two hours will help protect your skin from harmful rays. Playing a sport should never risk anyone's health, which is why we suggest necessary precautions before playing any game whatsoever.     

5. Umbrella

Of course, we're not talking about a regular umbrella. Golf umbrellas are different. They are larger in diameter and will keep you shielded from both the sun and the rain. They are usually located at the tables where you sit to have a drink or a snack at the golf course. If a golf course doesn't have these umbrellas installed, you can make sure to bring them with you.

6. Water Bottle

Keeping an extra water bottle in your bag is always better, even though all golf courses have water carts. Staying hydrated and replenishing your body with water is crucial while playing golf. Therefore, to be on the safe side, add a water bottle to your golfing kit today!

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