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Lamkin Sonar Tour Golf Grips,  13 Pack

Lamkin Sonar Tour Golf Grips, 13 Pack

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The Lamkin Sonar Wrap grip features the unmistakable feel and the high all-weather performance of the wildly popular Sonar grip in a wrap style preferred by many golfers. 
This grip also features Lamkin's proprietary Fingerprint Technology with a consistent micro-texture pattern for outstanding grip comfort with lighter surface traction. 
Made with patent-pending Genesis material that is slightly softer than traditional rubbers, with exceptional durability. The Sonar Wrap has a straighter, reduced-taper profile with a slightly larger lower hand that promotes lighter grip pressure which unquestionably means a better golf swing. 
Grip size - Standard
Core size - 60 Round
Weight - 53g
Grip size - Midsize
Core size - 60 Round
Weight - 57g