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Winn Dri Tac Black Golf Grips,  13  Pack

Winn Dri Tac Black Golf Grips, 13 Pack

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After years of research and development, Winn is excited to introduce the next generation Dri-Tac. With improved feel and durability, the new Dri-Tac 2.0 represents the best of what Winn polymer technology has to offer.

Winn Dri-tac grips are exceptionally good at absorbing shock and producing a comfortable cushioned feel. Great comfort doesn‚Äôt mean sacrificing control though. These grips are also engineered with a strategic tread pattern and variant pressure points (outlined by the silver piping patterns) to ensure non-slip performance and consistent power transfer. The ‚ÄúDri-tac‚ÄĚ is a perfect grip for keeping your hands dry during all-weather play, and in constant contact with the WinnDry polymer material.¬†

Size                           Weight        Core Size           Firmness

Undersize/Ladies       38gms         .590"                    Soft

Standard                     51gms         .600"                    Medium

Midsize                      54gms          .600"                    Medium

Oversize                     56gms          .600"                   Medium