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Solvent  Grip Tape Stripes ,

Solvent Grip Tape Stripes ,

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Individual strips of solvent activated grip tape that are 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. Easily removable backing is an improvement over roll tape. This is the perfect item for golfers wishing to re-grip golf clubs. Any brand of grip solvent, or mineral spirits will work with these strips.

  • RE-GRIP TO LOWER YOUR SCORE - Re-gripping is one of the easiest things a golfer can do to ensure their equipment is in tip top shape for a lower score.
  • 2" X 9" INDIVIDUAL STRIPS - Perfect width and length for the DIYer to apply the double-side tape lengthwise onto the shaft; no excess material.
  • DOUBLE COATED PEEL OFF LINER – Simply peel bottom liner and stick to the shaft. Remember to allow ½” to extend beyond the butt end. Next, peel off your top liner and twist the excess to seal the shaft. Easier to use than roll tape, the peel off portions are designed for easy removal.

  • 15-PACK – Enough to complete one full set of golf clubs, plus an extra for another club or in case you make a mistake.
10-PACK - Enough to regrip an Iron set.
30-PACK for those who regrip often.
50-PACK - be prepared
90-PACK - Why Not! (maximum for one pound First Class Mail Pkg.)

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